The Bit About Me

Photo of Annique Simpson smiling

Thanks for stopping by!

Here are 10 facts about me:

  1. I’m a communications manager with 4 years’ experience spanning telecommunications, financial and professional services, and healthcare.
  2. I have a BSc degree in Psychology from University College London.
  3. I started this blog because I think an understanding of human behaviour (i.e. psychology) is the key to getting people to think/feel/do something.
  4. I’m a founding member of UK Black Comms Network – a PR & communications network for Black professionals of all seniority 
  5. I switched careers to comms in 2016 – before then I mostly worked in healthcare admin and did 6 months at Sky News.
  6. I’ve won 4 awards for my comms work so far, and was a runner-up for CIPR’s Future Leader Award (Internal Comms) in 2016.
  7. I’m obsessed with music and play the piano to Grade 2 level (and counting).
  8. I’ve always lived in London but my family hails from Jamaica.
  9. I love parentheses and GIFs equally.
  10. My favourite number is 9.

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