Broccoli Content Is The Black-Woman-Owned Podcast Powerhouse Making Sure Everyone Eats

Imagine this: you’ve come up with a great idea at work. Not only will it raise your employer’s profile and make them money, it’ll also elevate your career. Excited, you pitch your idea to the powers-that-be.

A few days pass. And then comes the bad news: the leadership team have rejected your idea. Why? Because “it’s broccoli – good for you but no one wants to eat it”.

What would you do?

In 2017, Renay Richardson received this exact feedback after working with multi-award-winning author Reni Eddo-Lodge to pitch a podcast series based on Reni’s Sunday Times Bestseller…

Article published on Black Ballad, a UK lifestyle platform for women, on 30 September 2020.

To read the full article, you can either:

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