Privacy, Draggings & Fame: What It’s Like Having Over 10,000 Followers

Top 20 read article on Black Ballad

Full article first published on Black Ballad (paywall) on 4 October 2019


My name is Annique Simpson, and I’m a Twitter addict. Seriously. Despite a busy ‘real’ life, I regularly find myself spending hours on the social media platform, checking my timeline for the latest gossip and memes, chatting with friends and posting random stuff.

Not that many people see what I post. I’ve a modest following – less than 1,000 – and have never had the pleasure of ‘going viral’. While I’ve learnt to live with this, the steady rise of the social media influencer has made the pull of being Twitter or Insta-famous too strong to resist for some users.

And with celebrity influencers able to command hundreds of thousands of dollars for sponsored social media posts – or $1.2 million (£987,000) for a single Instagram post if you’re Kylie Jenner – it’s easy to see why…

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