Internal Miscommunications: listen to my podcast episodes

Last year, I was invited to be a guest on Internal Miscommunications, the new – and irreverant – podcast by internal communication pros Keith Riley-Whittingham and Erica Goodwin.

It was such a blast! I got to do a spelling bee, reflect on my comms career and share a memorable, and slightly blue, comms cock-up story (thankfully, before I started in corp comms).

But it wasn’t all hee-hee-ha-ha. Keith and I also spoke about anti-Black racism in the PR industry and my work with the UK Black Comms Network, the country’s first association for Black PR and comms professionals. The conversation was open, cathartic and very necessary.

It starts with love Internal Miscommunications

And there was more. To round up the hellfire that was 2020, Erica and Keith brought together past and future guests for a fun evening of games, laughter and end-of-year reflection.

Thank you Erica and Keith for bringing me into your cool club where fun and comms f-ups are the order of the day!

Get your Internal Miscommunications fix!

Check out the official Internal Miscommunications podcast page to access to all episodes.

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