Change Communications: the GIF that keeps on giving

change communications twitter gif

Change communications is tough.

Foggy business plans; aloof/petrified senior leaders; hard-to-pin-down project plan; resistant employees (of all levels!) – us communicators brave/silly enough to work in change management have seen it all.

And, for the most part, we love it (I know I do). But sometimes, the volatile and hectic nature of change environments can really get you down.

Of course, life is always better when you’ve got a strong comms tribe who understand and are willing to come to your aid via GIFs…

Change here, Change there. Everywhere a change!
Change comms management: a 2-part story
Kittens are cute, but no one wants to herd them!
‘It’s just emotion, taking me over…’
Silence really isn’t golden when it comes to senior leaders
Sometimes all you can do is hug it out!
Comms for one and comms for all!

But not all heros send GIFs. I got some great advice from comms pros via regular tweets:

‘Hey Annique, it’s worth following @AllthingsIC and @HelReynolds if you don’t already. Both absolute rock stars in the world of comms – internal, external, change etc’ – Hayley Lewis @Haypsych

‘I actually love working on change! But totally recognise all of this too. Last minute changes to messages, no brief, no business plan, leaders giving ‘development opportunities to others’ when they don’t want to deliver the message themselves etc’- Bea Buckley @bea_at_work

‘The hardest bit is getting leaders to participate and not just ‘leave it to comms/PR’ to ‘sort’’ – Laura Sutherland @laurafromaura

I’m pleased to say I’m still very much in love with change comms (and my job!) – thanks to my comms tribe and a good night sleep. Long may it continue!

Hey you!

Do you:

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